April 23, 2024

How to Use Tipcoin’s Tipchat APP ?

tipcoin tipchat

How to Use Tipcoin’s Tipchat APP ?

The tipcoin project is swtiching to another phase with the sofi app tipchat launching today. Here is a simple tutorial to learn how to use tipchat app and of course how to make money from buy-sell shares, in-app interactions etc.

How to Get Started ?

  • Download the Tipchat APP and install on your device
  • Sign in via Twitter/X account
  • Deposit some ETH to cover gas fee for withdrawals
  • Deposit tipcoin for in-app transactions as well as keep tipcoins as multiplier.

How to Buy Sell Shares ?

Users are required to depoist tipcoin in order to activate their shares and start to buy-sell shares of other users. The idea is simple ; buy shares you expect will gain value and sell when you want to take profit.

Buy Sell transactions will execute off-chain hence no gass-fee will be required .

35% of total tipcoin supply was allocated for tipchat.

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