June 22, 2024

is Coincall.com Trusted Legit ?

is coincall legit

is Coincall.com Trusted Legit ? Coincall draws more attention following its 0.5 ETH position airdrop for new customers while also raising questions surrounding its crediblity.

Is Coincall a Trusted Exchange ?

Our editors have tested Coincall exchange and find that:

  • Coincall processes withdrawal requests within ideal period of time
  • Requires KYC for legal status of accounts as per internation regulation laws.
  • Two factor login authentication ensures nobody else can access your account.
  • Withdrawal Fee is very high even with networks known for cheap transaction fee such as Tron.

About the 0.5 ETH position Bonus ?

  • Signup via a reference link
  • Go to rewards section
  • Authorize Twitter account as well as telegram account
  • Post the pre-composed tweet on twitter
  • Complete KYC
  • Claim 0.5 ETH position

However this bonus is a bit tricky. It is actually a 190x leverage 4.50 usd futures position which equals to 0.5 ETH. This position is highly likely to get liquidated and you would lose all the bonus balance.

For this reason, we don’t recommend using Coincall.

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