April 18, 2024

Where is satoshi island on Google Maps ?

Where is satoshi island on Google Maps ?

There are many questions about the Satoshi Island project with many interested investors wondering the Google Maps location of the Satoshi Island .

The satoshi Island project attracts more attention day by day for the very reason that the project offers a blockchain integrated real world order.

The Satoshi Island is located within the borders of the Vanuato, a country in the South Pacific. The country is known for its beautiful islands that feature impressive beaches that attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world.

The Island is fromerly known as the Malet Island. The name of the island means mallet in the local Bislama langage ( the Bislama language is an English-based creole language)

Here we will be showing the precise location of the ?sland on Google Maps .

Here is the Satoshi Island location on Google Maps :

1- Open Google Maps

2- Enter this coordinates -15.041998137172177, 167.07921177684085

Satoshi Island Photos

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