May 27, 2024

Bondex BNDX withdraw and buy sell options

bondex withdraw

Bondex BNDX withdraw and buy sell options : Users who have been mining Bondex native token BNDX are searching for opitons to withdraw BNDX tokens in order to sell them on exchanges or DAPP swapping services like pancakeswap.

According to un anonymous source, BNDX token is scheduled to get listed on several cyrptocurrency exchanges. However no official channel has confirmed any exchange listing.

A twitter user nicknamed @bondex_community has been spotted spreading false rumours about Bondex BNDX including listing and airdrop rumours.

How to Withdraw BNDX ?

The app is still under development and currently not fully functional. Upon the completion of the app development, users will be able to withdraw BNDX tokens to external exchanges .

BNDX Price

The token contract has not been depoloyed on blockchain. That means the BNDX token technically does not exist at the moment.

Our editors have been following the project. Keep Updated !

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