July 15, 2024

How to withdraw Gari token

How to withdraw Gari token : This informative content aims to explain how to withdraw Gari tokens earned through Gari mining on the Chingari APP. If you have mined GARI token using the Chingari APP and wonder how to send your tokens to an external wallet, follow these steps :

Send Gari to External Wallet

All users need to complete the KYC verification process in order to withdraw Gari tokens.

In order to send your Gari tokens to a wallet, tab on the wallet icon and choose “Send to wallet” option. Fill in all required informations such as wallet address.

Dont forget that the receiving wallet should support Solana Network transactions. Otherwise, you may lose your Gari tokens if you use another blockchain other than Solana.

UPDATE : Gari token withdrawal now surprisingly requires “badge purchase” which we regard as a “scam” because it was not mentioned in the whitepaper.

Collecting GARI token equivalent to badge price takes years. Based on this reason, we regard the Chingari APP as a scam setup.

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