July 15, 2024

Who is Pedo Peter ?

Please note that this image might be fake as well as referring to somone else other than Joe Biden

Who is Pedo Peter ? The alleged 4chan leak of Hunter Biden’s icloud backup which was recovered by iPhone Backup Extractor, purportedly reveals some dirty secrets involving the Biden Family.

The screenshots allegedly showing Hunder Biden’s icloud backup reveals that Hunder Biden added his father Joe Biden as Pedo Peter. The nickname Pedo Peter may refer to a scandal truth that Joe Biden has pedophilia habits.

On the other hand, it is known that political rivals of Joe Biden have frequently been denouncing him as Pedophile.

Neither Joe Biden nor his son Hunter Biden has made any statement to clarify the allegations as some analysts think the screenshots might be fake and it is all speculation that aims to damage Joe Biden’s prestige.

is Joe Biden Pedophile ?

There is no clear evidence that suggests Joe Biden is pedophile. Additionally, a simple screenshot which can be designed with photo editors can not be taken as a solid evidence to accuse him.

However there are several videos and images that show Joe Biden making physical contacts with teenagers and children during some official activities. Although this can not be adequate evidence for a such degrading accusation, Pedophilia allegations about Joe Biden also include some stories told in a diary book written by Joe Biden’s daughter Ashley Biden.

In another development, A Chinese social media user claimed that he/she had pedophile videos of Joe Biden and Hunter Biden following the leak of Hunter Biden’s icloud. However this allegations has not been fact-checked.

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