April 18, 2024

When is Ceek Binance Listing ?

Ceek Binance Listing is expected

When is Ceek Binance Listing ? Anyone who invested in Ceek VR project asks this question hoping a near-future Binance listing to multiply their profits. The Ceek token is currently trading at 0.35 before Landsale for Ceek token is launched.

What is Ceek ?

Ceek is a virtual reality (VR) metaverse project where Ceek holders are able to buy and trade NFT lands as well as make money from advertisement spots in their lands. Land owners can also make money from activities organized in their lands.

Will Ceek be listed on Binance ?

Similar projects such as Mana and Sand are already listed on Binance. Considering the holder number of CEEK and global popularitiy it gained, we can expect Ceek Binance listing in the near future.

However there is still no exact date for Ceek Binance listing as of now.

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