June 15, 2024

Mega $1000+ USDT Airdrop By Tegro NFT20 Exchange

tegro airdrop

Join the $1000+ USDT Airdrop by Tegro.

Complete THREE simple tasks to enter and win massive USDT rewards!

✅ Create account on Tegro using referral code “airdrop2”

✅ Complete at least ONE trade

✅ Enter the tournament leaderboard!

Note that you can trade for as low as $0.02 on Tegro and enter this contest!

What’s more, as more traders enter the contest, the prize pool will keep increasing from $1000 USDT to $2250 USDT and so much more!

Participate as soon as possible, as very few contestants have entered at the moment and it’s easier to climb up the leaderboard to win epic rewards in USDT.

There’s also a $250 USDT referral contest where you can refer your trader friends to win huge USDT rewards!

Tegro is launched by the founding team of WazirX – India’s largest cryptocurrency exchange with more than 10 million traders. WazirX which has done more that $40 billion in trade volumes was recently acquired by Binance and CZ. Source: https://cointelegraph.com/press-releases/wazirx-co-founder-and-supergaming-announce-tegro-a-web3-games-marketplace

Tegro has also recently done Phase 1 airdrop of its TGR token. Register and participate on Tegro today to get a chance to become a part of future TGR token airdrops!

Sign up today with referral code “airdrop2” and begin trading on Tegro to share prizes worth $1000+ USDT! Visit – https://tegro.com/invite/?refId=airdrop2

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