June 15, 2024

What is Catizen xZEN Token?

Catizen xZEN token

What is Catizen xZEN Token?Following a major update, the Catizen players have been introduced a newly generated token with ticker xZEN.

What is the xZEN token?

The xZEN token is a new in-app currency designed to function as a financial mean for exchange within the Catizen economy. The xZEN tokens can be earned by playing the SPIN game. The details about the functionality of the xZEN token is not clear yet.

As part of a recently organized launchpool event, millions of Catizen players have mined 840M wCATI tokens staking 110 level cats or fishcoins they purchased. The tokenomics infograph released by the team indicates that the number of CATI for the initial offering is 1 billion with the percentage allocated for the airdrop/ecosystem is 40 percent which is equivalent to 400M CATI.

Questions That Need Answers

What is wCATI token ?What players have mined wCATI for? Is not it the main currency to be listed on exchanges? What is the difference between wCATI and CATI tokens? Why are there inconsistency between numbers of mined 840M wCATI and 400M CATI to be airdropped ? Is there a value inequality between wCATI and CATI tokens ?

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