June 15, 2024

New Airdrops June 2024

new airdrops june 2024

New Airdrops June 2024: We have compiled a list of all new airdrops you can participaste in June 2024. This list also includes all necessary information about the airdrops in question. Latest airdrops in june 2024 offer free money with little work done.

Airdrop #1- Yescoin Airdrop on Telegram

To join this airdrop and easrn rewards, launch the Yescoin Telegram bot and enjoy high airdrop share as early participant.

Launch the bot : Yescoin Telegram Bot

Airdrop #2- Cex.io Telegram Airdrop

The cryptourrency exchange Cex.io is holding an airdrop that will reward Telegram users playing Cex.io Tapping Game on Telegram.

Launch the bot: Cex.io Tapping Game

Airdrop #3- Blum Telegram Airdrop

Blum is backed by numbers of exchanges including Binance. By participating its Telegram bot, you can collect Blum points which will be converted to Blum tokens. The more blum points you collect, the more Blum tokens you will get as airdrop rewards.

Launch the bot: Blum Telegram Bot

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