July 15, 2024

What is twitscription XRC20 ?

What is twitscription XRC20 ? All questions regarding twitscription.xyz and XRC20 standart tokens will be addressed in this informative blogpost.

What is twitscription ?

Twitscription.xyz is a blockchain integrated tool that enables users to inscript Twitter usernames, to put it simply ; it tokenizes twitter usernames.

twitscription xrc20 token

How to mint xrc20 tokens on twitscription.xyz?

1- visit https://app.twitscription.xyz

2- connect your twitter account and an arbitrum wallet

3- open https://app.twitscription.xyz/tokens

4- Go to “in-progress” section and view the list of xrc20 tokens available for minting.

5- Choose one and click/tap on the “mint” button.

How to deploy a xrc20 token on twitscription.xyz ?

1- Visit https://app.twitscription.xyz/tokens

2- Click/tap on the “Deploy” button

3- Define necessary informations about the xrc20 token you want to deploy.

4- Click/tap on the “deploy” button and your xrc20 token will be deployed.

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