May 24, 2024

Xbox Series S out of video memory VRAM Error

Xbox out of video memory VRAM Error : The number of Xbox series S users who has been experiencing “out of video memory” error is on an unprecendented rise, recent social media complaints indicate.

Users generally complain about encountering “out of video memory” error suddenly while they play “recently released games”.

What Causes the Error ?

The out of VRAM error is generally caused by large size images as result of high resolution game mode. As most of recently released Xbox games require high allocated video memory, high resolution game mode may consume remarkable amount of the allocated VRAM hence cause the system to stop working.


There are two options to resolve this problem. First and the most efficient one is to replace your current graphic card with a more advanced one. The second option is about resolution settings. Lowering resolution may help reduce the emount of VRAM being consumed by game which means more video memory resource to be used .

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