May 27, 2024

Catizen Phase 2 Announced

catizen phase 2

Catizen Phase 2 Announced

The Catizen developer team has made a detailed announcement for the Catizen Phase 2 outlining details regarding the airdrop, wCATI mining and the future of the Catizen platform.

Here is the full announcement :

“In the first Phase of our journey, we achieved remarkable success with the launch of the Catizen game’s Open Beta. Within just one month, Catizen game garnered an impressive 2.83 million users, with 10% of players becoming TON wallet users, and an astonishing 50% of them becoming paying players! This incredible on-chain conversion rate showcases the astounding potential of Catizen. Additionally, we’ve undergone 4 technology upgrades and received feedback from over 5,000 players, all of which have inspired Catizen to continue improving the game and fostering growth. None of this success would have been possible without our dedicated community moderators and Cat lovers! We remain committed to maintaining the Catizen’s quality and furthering its growth! Moving forward, Catizen is gearing up to launch Phase 2 – the Mining Pool. During the mining process, players will earn in-game points called $wCATI. (Part of Catizen’s goverance token airdrop will be distributed to $wCATI point holders!) It’s important to note that Catizen’s governance token airdrop is divided into two parts: one for $wCATI point holders and another for in-game players. To earn airdrop rewards through gameplay, it’s better to upgrade your Cats, rank high on the leaderboard, actively participate in the quest bot, and maintain interactions on-chain! In Phase2 Catizen players can stake their in-game cats to mine $wCATI points in mining pool!! Your cats can not only yield $vKitty, but it can also mine $wCATI point for you! In addition, staking fish coin can participate in another mining pool. Fish coins can be obtained through various ways in the game, including completing quest bot tasks, in-app-purchase and inviting friends, etc. It’s time to invite your friends to get more fish coins! Currently in Phase 2, the mining pool only yields Catizen’s $wCATI points. However, our future vision includes enabling Catizen players to mine tokens from other high-quality projects on the TON blockchain through Catizen Mining Pool. Let’s grow together! Catizen’s Phase 3 plans involve transforming Catizen into a telegram gaming platform. We’ve already signed contracts with 18 hot WeChat mini games and plan to launch them on Catizen gaming platform after integrating to web3. Of course, Catizen’s governance token holders can continue mining tokens from subsequent games through the Catizen Mining Pool. Catizen is projected to undergo five critical Phases, and with Phase 1 successfully completed, we eagerly anticipate the performance of Phase 2!”

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