May 27, 2024

Catizen Mantle Bot Launched

catizen mantle

Catizen Mantle Bot Launched

While players were awaiting for the catizen platform to go live, the Catizen team announces the launch of the catizen game on the Mantle blockchain, raising questions about the ongoing airdrop event for the TON version of the game.

The current Catizen players expressed their confusion for the recent catizen launch on Mantle as the move seems a little tricky.

“Why lunch on MNT, the project wants to make more money without any airdrops. When mining, we won’t be fooled anymore, there won’t be any more investments. Scam profect”, a Twitter user commented on the announcement post on Twitter.

Another Twitter users made a comment that underlines question marks on his mind :

“This is so confusing… Team is not straight forward. How can you relaunch a game many have played for weeks, just move to another chain and everyone starts over again? Or any points earned on Mantle will be an addition to the points earned on TON? Make some explanation.”

3 million Telegram users have so far participated in the airdrop event. They have been playing the main version of the catizen game for more than 3 months expecting a share from the allocated airdrop.

Here are few questions our editors have answered :

Can Players Join the Both Airdrops?

Yes, current players can also join the airdrop event held for the Mantle version of the Catizen game.

Will The Main Catizen Game Also Go Live on TON Blockchain ?

Yes, the main version of the Catizen game will have a full TON blockchain integration.

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