July 15, 2024

How to harvest cockroach milk ?

harvest cockroach milk

How to harvest cockroach milk ? How do cockroaches produce milk and how to harvest cockroach milk in the easiest way possible ? Here is an informative explanation that will guide you about harvesting cockroach milk.

Before you hop into cockroach milk harvesting job, you need to keep in mind that the only cockroach species that produce milk ise the Diploptera punctata cockroach.

How to Harvest Cockroach Milk At Home

The cockroach milk develops inside the midgut of cockroaches. In order to harvest the milk produced inside midgut, you will need to reach to this organ which is possible only by killing the insect.

The easiest way to harvest cockroach milk is ;

1- Catch a diploptera punctata cockroach

2- Kill it.

3- Reach to its midgut.

4- Collect the milk present inside the midgut.

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