April 18, 2024

Morocco hijab wearing football player

Morocco hijab wearing football player: The skillful football player of Morocco’s national women team Benzina, has become the first hijab wearing football player to ever appear at a FIFA tournament.

Along with her eye-catching football skills, Benzina also manages to become an influential figure who will likely be idolized by the Moslim women. Having drawn a powerful image, Benzina proves that boundaries would exist only if women themselves allow them. Otherwise, there is nothing that women are not capable of achieving.

Here is a brief biography of Benzina to let you know personal information about the successful defender :

Full name : Nouhaila Benzina

Date of birth (age): 11 May 1998 (age 25

Place of birth: Kenitra, Morocco

Height: 1.73 m (5 ft 8 in)

Benzina name meaning

Nouhaila Benzina (AR: نهيلة بنزينه)

Nouhalia meaning in Arabic: thirsty for knowledge

Benzina meaning : gasoline

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