June 22, 2024

Replica Clone iPhone 15

iphone 15 clone

Replica Clone iPhone 15 : Chinese smartphone manufacturers have managed to produce a physically almost undistinguishable replica clones of Apple’s iPhone 15 which has recently been introduced to the global smartphone market.

Replica Clone iPhone 15 Already For Sale

Marketplaces like DHgate and Alibaba known for their China based manufacturers and wholesale sellers have already seen listings of replica iPhone 15 and its versions like iphone 15 pro.

As for the best iPhone 15 clones, especially the rear side design and imitation of cameras are successful.

One can barely realize it is not an original iPhone 15 although there are numbers of differences between clones and original ipHone 15s. Despite the physical similarity, clone iphone 15 devices are not more than standart android smartphones.

Replica Clone iPhone 15 Specs


Storage: 128 GB

Camera Resolution: 32 megapixel

Touch id: yes

Face id: yes

OS: Android

Replica Clone iPhone 15 Price

Wholesale seller prices range between 179 usd to 199 usd while retail sellers may ask up to 299 usd for a replica iphone 15.

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