April 23, 2024

Stepn sneaker attributes meanings

Stepn sneaker attributes meanings : The pioneering walk to earn app Stepn continues to attract new players and investors as several details about its ecosystem and mechanism need to be explained.

Stepn sneaker attributes should be understood because sneaker attributes directly determine daily earning that players could get with their sneakers. Understanding sneaker attributes meaning also help players to choose correct sneakers.

Stepn Sneaker Attirbutes and How They Affect The Earning

Efficiency : This attribute symbolizes how efficient is a sneaker. The higher efficiency the more daily earning. Sneakers with higher efficiency rate produce higher revenue per energy point.

Luck : This attribute shows your chance to find a loot box while moving.

Comfort : This attribute enchances GMT earning on level 30.

Resilience : This attribute reduces repair costs. Higher resilience means less repair costs.

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