June 15, 2024

Who is Silwan Momica(Salwan Momika)

who is salwan momika

Who is Silwan Momica (also known as Salwan Momika) : The protestor who burned the Islamic book Quran in Stockholm, Sweden has been identified as Silwan Momica. Here is what we know about Salwan Momika :

  • Salwan Momika is member of a local Iraqi tribe named “Memiki”, a tribe that worked for Ottoman rule in the region.
  • Salwan Momika fled Iraq and took asylum in Sweden on the ground that he and his family are under threats from secret cells of Daesh.
  • Although he claimed to be the founder and head of the Syriac Union Party, this could not be confirmed.
  • He also alleges that he fought alongside YPG to defeat Daesh.
  • He allegedly was jailed in Iraq in 2017 on charges of violations and war crimes. This also could not be confirmed.
  • He descibes himself as secular atheist.

Salwan Momika’s Quran burning protest drew condemnation and harsh criticism from governments and non-governmental organizations as well as independent figures from different parts of the world.

About Salwan Momika’s Ethnic and Religious Identity

Salwan Momika is an Assyrian, a Middle-Eastern ethnic community that predominantly follows Christianism.

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