May 24, 2024

Who is teapotuberhacker ?

teapotuberhacker (teapot uber hacker)

Who is teapotuberhacker ? The hacker nicknamed teapotuberhacker (teapot uber hacker) makes headlines across the world following his/her hacking attack against Rockstar databases to obtain GTA 6 materials.

The hacker teapotuberhacker has recently hacked the Rockstar system and leaked 90 GTA 6 videos showing the gameplay footages on GTAForums.

Who is the hacker teapotuberhacker ?

The hacker who has leaked GTA 6 footages is allegedly wanted by US secret service CIA as no confirming announcemend has been made yet.

Based on rumours circulasting on social media platforms, the identity of the hacker teapotuberhacker is almost revealed. However personal informations such as real name, nationality and age still remain as a solid secret.

Although the identity of teapotuberhacker is still unknown, there is a intense curiosity for his/her personal informations.

The hacker manages a twitter account :

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