July 15, 2024

AirDAO AMB Staking : How to Stake AMB

Airdao staking pool offers 28.6% apy

AirDAO AMB Staking : How to Stake AMB

Did you know you can earn staking rewards by locking your AMB tokens with AirdDAO (Ambrosus) Staking Pool as well as Binance Staking Platform ?

We recommend AMB staking with Ambrosus Hera Pool which offers 28.65% APY, almost two times more than what Binance offers. Binance amb staking pool offers 19.79 %apy maximum.

How to Stake AMB Token ?

  • – Create a metamask wallet and activate it
  • – Go to staking.ambrosus.io
  • – Add ambrosus network to metamask by clicking on the “Add Ambrosus Network to Metamask” link which appears in the “Use AMB” dropdown menu.
  • Reminder : Ambrosus is a blockchain network similar to ethereum, bsc, solana or polygon.
  • – Transfer your AMB tokens to the AMB network address. If you are transfering tokens from Binance and other exchanges, make the withdrawal via “Ambrosus Network”.
  • – When your fund appears in the wallet balance, connect your wallet to the ambrosus staking pool. Once your wallet is connected, you can complete the staking transaction.
  • The minimum staking amount is 1000 AMB. You can unstake your AMB with accumulated rewards anytime you desire.
  • If you have any questions about Ambrosus Staking, comment below.

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