April 18, 2024

Airdao amb tokenomics max supply

Airdao amb tokenomics max supply : Formerly known as Ambrosus Network has rebranded to Airdao with the AMB token remaining as the native currency of the network which is primarly designed for DEFI projects. However Airdao whiepaper and litepaper documents somehow do not mention AMB tokenomics despite investors request informations such as max supply.

Airdao AMB Tokenomics

Token : AMB

Contract address and explorer : https://airdao.io/explorer

AMB Circulating Supply : 982 M (can be tracked via this link : https://explorer-api.ambrosus.io/blocks/circulating_supply )

AMB Max Supply : Not defined (the team announced a max supply amount to be defined)

Top Exchanges to Trade AirDAO AMB



MexC Global : AMB/BUSD

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