June 15, 2024

Migros no capsule coffee machines

CoffeeB machines use coffeeballs instead of capsules

Migros no capsule coffee machines : The Swiss retailer Migros announces that no-capsule coffee maker machines named Migros CoffeeB would be available for orders very soon in Switzerland, France and Germany.

How it works ?

The CoffeeB machines use coffee balls intead of coffee capsules which leave unecological waste. Coffee balls are eco-friendly as they are ground coffee encased in seaweed cover which differentiates coffee balls from capsules with plastic and aluminium cases.

In order to make a cup of coffee using CoffeeB machines, you just pick a coffee ball of your choice and place it into the machine and push the button.

Ristretto, espresso, lungo, decaffeinato coffee balls come in eco-friendly packages which contain 9 balls.

CoffeeB machines are available in Switzerland, France and Germany

How to Purchase Migros CoffeeB Machines ?

In order to buy CoffeeB machine and coffee balls, visit migros.ch marketplace. You can simply place your order online.

For now the products are available for Switzerland, France and Germany only.

People from US, UK or other countries can not order CoffeeB machines as of now.

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