May 24, 2024

Withdraw RPK from Republik Wallet

withdraw republik token

If you still dont have a republik account, create a republik account here : Create Republik Account

In order to withdraw RPK token from Republik in-app wallet, you must be eligible to earn daily RPK rewards. In order to get a share from daily RPK reward distribution, you must collect at least 500 XP points.

Once you start receiving daily RPK rewards, you can withdraw RPK tokens to any exchange on which the token is listed such as MEXC, Bybit.

You can also withdraw your RPK tokens to an Ethereum Main Network Wallet or a multi network web3 wallet such as Trust Wallet or Metamask.

To withdraw RPK tokens :

1- Go to the in-app wallet

2- Tap on the “withdrawal” button

3- Paste your wallet address in the address bar and proceed.

In order to use the withdrawal function, users must download the latest version of the app.

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