June 22, 2024

instagram threads : bulk follower request approval

bulk approve instagram threads follower

instagram threads : bulk follower request approval

Is there any method to bulk approve incoming follow requests in the Instagram threads app?

META, the owner of Instagram and Facebook applications, has released the Instagram threads application as a side application as of today. Having reached more than 30 million downloads in a few hours, the instagram threads app saw several needs regarding its use. About the application of Instagram threads, one of these needs is the need for bulk follow requests approval. Especially for accounts with high follower numbers, since most of followers from instagram accounts answer yes to the question “Do you want to follow accounts you follow on instagram” when installing the Threads app.

Is it possible to bulk approve follow requests on instagram threads?

In the first version of Instagram Threads, it is not possible to make mass follower approval. Currently the only option available for follower approval seems to be to approve incoming follow requests manually one by one.

There are also requests for the collective approval option in the feedbacks from the users. Bulk follow request approval feature is expected to be added in the next version of the application.

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